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Immediately after the earthquake that struck L'Aquila he decided to Piston rod to give life to a national structure of Civil Defense. He was born R.N.R.E. that is, the National Radiocommunications Emergency grouping with the aim of creating volunteers able to intervene not only with the radio, but with the use of new technologies available to the restoration of communications in the event of disasters of a certain relevance.
This structure was built over the years a Column Emergency Services Mobile activated directly from National Department at the Presidency of the Council and placed on the national territory.

Biella is one of the points home to units of First Aid and headquarters dell'RNRE.


R.N.R.E mobile unit.

Il giorno 24 August after the earthquake in the Italian verifiers Center at 4 it is preallertata from Rome the emergency facility R.N.R.E.
At 5 the entire column Mobile was ready to depart and 5.30 as a result of activation by Rome They have started the first two units of Rome and Arezzo to realize the actual importance of the calamity.
At 7 the first unit has reached Accumoli simultaneously Department officials with whom it was agreed the first steps.
From a first survey it became aware of the total collapse of the infrastructure intended as mains,fixed telephone and mobile phone as well as the need to ensure a first medical support .
Hence the immediate creation of a health facility in tents to provide first aid and by volunteers of the Grouping set emergency communications.

Our volunteers then used the portable cases supplied the structures through which satellite to bring your wireless connections and consequently allow the first telephone connections through VoIP technology.
On the curtains rescue coordination was then possible to see the phone numbers used and all with 015 area code ...
Pm 7 it is also activated from Biella Station radio national network voice to 7060Mhz ,to give information by radio to the various operating groups ,reporting on the roads etc..
Immediate information was given, as does our early warning chain ,event in London to warn all European networks.
In Accumoli instead we have tried to identify a structure that was as continued seismic shocks that to date have exceeded 3,500 ...
This structure was identified in the sausage factory in Sana 4 kilometers from the city center and here we proceeded to the installation of the COC ( Municipal Operations Center ) .
Our volunteers have followed in the coming shifts with their mobile units from Molise, Lazio, Tuscany, Piedmont and Abruzzi.
Per quanto riguarda questa ultima unità ci fa piacere ricordare che era stata donata dalla Banca Sella con il contributo raccolto tra i biellesi a seguito del terremoto dell’Aquila ed assegnata alla presenza della Banca sella e dei funzionari di Roma del Dipartimento alla nostra struttura di Castel di Sangro.
By our volunteers we were then re-install the new satellite stations and prepared a data network for connectivity to computers installed in the center for emergency management .


Members A.R.S.Italia to Accumoli

They have also taken steps to lay the electric cables to bring the power supplied by ENEL and install cell towers are provided by Telecom.

The support provided by RNRE was therefore very professional and much appreciated by the national Department.

Beyond that our volunteers have been called to work in the premises of Rieti DICOMAC, the nerve center for the coordination of all the seismic emergency ,in a very sensitive area which the Central Secretariat at the direction of the Department .
In this case, they operate through the use of special programs created by the Department to which they had made changes with the support of our specialists in the past months.
Important to note that voluntary structures activated by Rome on the occasion of this emergency were select them very strictly ,We remember that the first day had been more than a dozen to RNRE.
Unlike the other emergencies has therefore preferred to focus on the quality of the interventions rather than quantity, and from here in fact the decision to send back all non-activated structures including Columns regional furniture so including that of Piedmont.

Another major closure was for the collection of food and material that in some cities had made despite warnings from the Department.

The reason was due to the fact that there was no need for food and more as the population affected by the earthquake was around 5.000 units and thus largely placed in the camps installed by the Abruzzo regions, Lazio, Umbria and Marche and those created by the volunteers of CISOM, ANPAS and Mercy.
The Biella mobile unit started Saturday morning and came back on Wednesday night after a continuous activity in the territory..


Our ref. nazionale G.N.P.C. IZ0BNQ

During the operations our President, IK1YLO, He has also taken steps to make contact with the Mayor of Accumoli to whom he datoun electric forklift truck that had been delivered by the Toyota with a mandate to assign it to our discretion to a structure on the territory.
A similar task was assigned by Hyundai to identify who gets loaned for use large two excavators that will be brought on site directly by the company.
Already in the earthquake that struck the Emilia we intervened with our structures but in this case instead of the intervention has seen involved the entire national structure and we can say it was a real baptism of fire which we can proudly say have responded adequately.
Ci auguriamo magari che altri siano interessati ad aggregarsi alle strutture R.N.R.E. to provide their support both in this type of activity in the next task that has already been requested from Rome to structure and that means also to be able to set up and manage a harvested field for the volunteers involved in an emergency .
Hence the need to raise resources for facilities ,field kitchens ,tents etc. and volunteers for their operation.


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