Between amateur and “Old Man”

ARS Amateur Radio SocietyI often think that the results A.R.S. Italy gets, the stages and objectives that reaches, its prospects. It is almost constant, the thought: each of us, Soci, should have it. It is a duty to think about how to contribute to the development of Society. I do not think expect much: I have often said that the world of Radioamatori, thousand, It could shrink quietly a few hundred O.M.
Yes, because the world of Amateur Radio, It is very different from that of O.M. if I really wanted to give meaning to the two locutions.
We are all Radio Amateurs, Few Old Man, the “patent” does not qualify us as Old Man.
Our Association, which he has more doubled the numbers in two years, which it was recognized as O.d.V. with the advantages that we know, that is committed to building a skilled group along with PCs R.N.R.E., that is born to diversify services without forcing anyone to buy, sight unseen, prepackaged packages, that seeks to legally protect shareholders, that responds in almost real time to their requests, which publishes a Newsletter, “The Radio” free download, tries to give meaning to the manifestation of the will to be a Member. Try to make people understand that being passive member of a reality that intends to membership as an expression of values ​​even though the simple will, It means to receive and donate an equal basis.
Many Members have played well this spirit, just read the articles on our site. Others contribute differently: writer of technical things, those engaged in Pc, there are some who do very little.
But there is, it's normal, l’importante è che questi ultimi siano una sparuta minoranza e soprattutto non si ergano a censori.

After all not everyone has certain possibilities, not everyone has great will, They prefer to grow their small vegetable garden.

It’ our task to encourage all, involve them, encourage them, maybe they're mad. We do it every day. Who wants to know approaches to our social, studies he then expresses his will. contact us, also by phone, trying to find out more. Lì capisce che tentiamo di fare le cose per bene, appropriate and would advise that we give advice when needed.
Un mio caro amico scrive spesso che "You do not choose but are chosen".

It is so even in A.R.S. Italy; there is a procedure to come in and if we do not understand the situation, politely refuse.

We force a system of rules, as in other Associations, Here it must be respected by all. There is a bad habit in the Amateur Radio (with "r") in general: It has little interest in reading the statutes and various regulations. Are those things that give the "time" as in a score, the life of the Society.

È proprio da una loro attenta e analitica lettura, although it is a bit 'annoying, that one realizes of being able or not to be part of a group, if you can share the principles, what are their rights. If we do not start from there sometimes remains disappointed, who knows what you think and you end up staying with a handful of flies in hand.

I want to reserve it for the final appeal:

Il nostro mondo è fantastico, nell'accezione precise term. La Radio implica un certo grado d’immaginazione quando colleghiamo un O.M. at the other end of the world. Today we are social, basta cercarli è si ha l’identikit del nostro interlocutore. More: the clustrer immediately give a web link to the reference page on
We remain, however,, attached to our primitive spirit to know each other, of "investigating it", to figure out who it is and what it does.

I think it's the right spirit to become a good O.M. or remain one of the many spin doctors among those who flock to the Internet.

We are Old Man, never forget.

73s the IK8LTB


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