10 years of C.R.I. a S. Donato (Fr)

10cri san donato yearsSaturday 18 June 2016 i Circoli A.R.S., Amateur Radio Society, FR01 e FR02 e R.N.R.E., National Radiocommunications Emergency grouping, Territorial of Frosinone (of which A.R.S. He is a member) They were invited to the tenth anniversary of the Festival Red Cross of San Donato Val di Comino in the province of Frosinone.

Many associations present at the event including the C.N.S.A.S. National body of the Mountain Rescue, the National Association VVFF on leave, the’ O.G.V.L., Observatory geophysicist Liri Valley and l’ I.E.S.N. Experimental Italian Seismic Network.

In the morning has been set up our stand mounting the antennas and radio equipment for a demonstration, bystanders intervened, on the use of radiocommunications in case of emergenza and magnet.


The group A.R.S. ITALY – FR01 e FR02

As, the area where the event was was organized adjacent to Torre medieval San Donato Val di Comino It was also activated in the reference HF FR 087 for the DCI School of Italian castles con nominativo IQ0WV/p.

Later in the day were held various demonstration activities by the associations in the various operational specialties.
We were invited to explain to the participants why they were there, what roles and tasks we perform with commitment and dedication especially in emergencies.

In short, una bella esperienza che è servita comunque per affinare le nostre modalità operative, but also for discussion and cooperation with other associations working in the field of emergency.

Here are the members who attended:
Giampiero Fiorelli IUØAWO, Massimiliano Batoli IZØVXY, Marciano Moreno IZØUMF, Daniele Scanno IUØBVE, Riccardo Scanno, IUØGRS, Corrado Pistilli IUØFVQ, Daniele Treppiccioni IZØWOT, Lorenzo Pirolli IUØAKS, Gianfranco Fabroni IKØZME, Roberto Panzanella IZØRQF, Marco Di Regular IZØUPZ, Pierfrancesco Courses, IZØBNQ (ref. ARS Italian Civil Protection)

A short video is visible in our. Facebook page: Clicca

IZ0BNQ Pierfrancesco Courses

IZ0BNQ Pierfrancesco: Resp. National Group ground level. - A.R.S. Italy

izØbnq – Resp. National Group ground level. – A.R.S. Italy


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