IQ8UW: A.R.S. Polistena on air,en!

parco_nazionale_della_sila Continue the work of our Clubs. Our members of RC01, Polistena, First Circle A.R.S. Italian born in Calabria, They will be active from one of the most beautiful places in Italy: Sila. IK8YFU Alex and IZ8FEV Giovanna, I am in Lorica, renowned picturesque town on the plateau Calabrese, dove, in the next days, count to activate the Lago value (DLI I8-004) and, the Sila National Park (IFF-020).

It will naturally used the official call of the Circle A.R.S. RC-001- Polistena, IQ8UW/p

mainly Activities 20 and 40 meters.


alex1in the meantime, to witness the activities of Alex & company, get a nice international recognition… for the activities of the Club. The only way to seriously contribute to the growth of our Association.

compliments A.R.S. Italy.









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