IQ1NJ onair Sunday 29 May

VB01Press release: A.R.S. Italy, Circle of Verbania, VB01, sara’ on air with the name IQ1NJ,en Sunday 29 May the Special Nature Reserve Sacro Monte Calvario Domodossola, reference valid for the’Italian Flora Fauna Award I.F.F.A IFF-622.
It starts in 40 meters and then do some QSY in 20, 17 and ….
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A bit of history: The Sacro Monte of Domodossola is part of the sacred mountains subalpine group included in 2003 list “World heritage Sites” dell’Unesco.

In 1656, two Capuchin friars chose the Mattarella hill, overlooking Domodossola, for it to become a place to house the Holy Mount Calvary. Thus he was born a series of twelve chapels with a decorative display of statues and frescoes, representing the Stations of the Cross and three chapels illustrating the Deposition from the Cross, the Holy Sepulcher and the Resurrection. On top of the hill there is the octagonal sanctuary of the Holy Cross, whose construction began in 1657. Source Wiki


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