In memory of “William”

Diploma-23_aprile_2016The 25 April 1874 He was born the first amateur in the world, Guglielmo Marconi.

Every year the day closer to his birth Radio Amateurs remember him with the On The Air ',itInternational Marconi Day.

Among the first organizers of the contribution to G. Marconi fu Geoff Chance M0GRC in the 50s.

This year appointment invitation Saturday 23 April all stations Circoli A.R.S.

All participants Circles who request it will issue a certificate of participation (PDF).


For the issuance of certificate of participation:

– Richiesta via e-mail a


– Club membership

– Emission Mode Phone, CW, RTTY, Digital

It will be released in pdf format A4.

NON will be issued to individual radio amateurs who participate.


73 of i5dof Franco


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