ARRL sceglie “RFinder”

rfinder600ARRL, like A.R.S. Italy, He has entered into an agreement with RFinder, the creator of a network and app-based directory Amateur Radio repeaters around the world
RFinder is a directory that has surveyed the repeater data around the world is growing with more than 50.000 repeaters in over 170 countries. To use the service, We must subscribe with an annual cost of € 9,99.

RFinder provides access to the repeater data through its App for devices Android and Apple, and from almost any web browser. With a subscription, users have access to the repeater data worldwide by computer devices Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Apple iOS, and systems GPS most popular. A growing list of third-party memory programming applications supports radio programming. RFinder provides integrated support for EchoLink on Android and iPhone, allowing users a one-click connection to the repeaters around the world from the directory.

“The team RFinder It is honored to partner with ARRL, providing the latest information on-line repeater and directory technology to radio amateurs in Stati Uniti“, he has declared Bob Greenberg, W2CYK, creatore di RFinder, we look forward to working with the ARRL to make it even better RFinder for the US Amateur Radio.”

A.R.S. Italy He was right in establishing a partnership with RFinder, delivering directly to all amateur Italian and not the possibility of using this service.
Today, as you read, ARRL also choose to follow the same path.


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