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We can say only


cqbb2016…thanks for having accepted with great enthusiasm the invitation to Circles of our Association for participation in the Low Band Contest of Mediterraneo DX Club.

Intense preparations in preparation for the race that involved some circles: Cales IQ8UN, Spice IQ1KZ (IZ1MHY) , Frosinone IQ0WV, IQ5WT Pistoia, IQ8UW Polistena, Il nostro Circolo di BT 01 che ha operato come Multi IW7EGQ MDXC083, IZ0BNQ Pierfrancesco di FR01, IQ8WD CZ01 Soverato, I5DOF Franco di LU01, Cosenza IQ8KK, etc.. etc..

Understand that asking to organize “Multi” and give up personal ambitions is not a trivial matter. Our members have understood this and have done: simple.

The spirit was to participate, expect more would be superfluous.

You need to know Contest nei dettagli e mirare i collegamenti soprattutto verso i moltiplicatori, We must gain experience and be willing to learn from those who made them and the contest makes them. We have no ambition to teach anybody anything, God forbid…learn, certainly learn.

L'enthusiasm if, lo vogliamo propagandare perché sappiamo, in details, What did these Circles, their contact points and their partners, per essere presenti in un mondo che gira a velocità medie molto alte ed in cui gli impegni aumentano ogni giorno.

Then it took a great desire to be, To partecipate, to be protagonists of 24 Radio and hours of meetings with old and new friends, that are A.R.S. or not: we do not love the differences. It’ to, at the time of connection that they forget “unmentionable” and ancient grievances while acchiapparsi of the multiplier:

In la RADIO, even if this is.

Our Clubs have done their part. They were also moments of convivial meetings that strengthen friendship, respect and trigger a nice arrangement: to figure out what to do Radio means encountering each other, greeting, learn…. always, experience.

The results will be, it is important to start. Our Society is made up of many good OM who found here hoping to be considered dome Radio amateurs and not as simple numeric entities multiplier of membership fees. Not so and we are showing. Prova ne è le molte richieste di OM che vogliono far parte della nostra Associazione. Ne siamo felici e confidiamo sempre nella Loro voglia di essere presenti. We do not like the anonimati, tanto meno chi chiede a un po’ di gente di iscriversi per fondare un circolo, maybe be Coordinator and disappeared in silence with all circle.

You have to be serious people.

Ma ecco le foto che ci sono pervenute a testimoniare un’attività che A.R.S. vuole portare avanti perché, We believe, is a good way for old and, above all, new radio amateurs.






…l’altro contest…






Per le altre foto di IQ8UN cliccare qui: Link

Ecco il contributo di FR01 IQ0WV






20160109_182108For the video click which

The contribution of the Circle ARS CZ01 – IQ0WD



Il contributo di IU4FKM del circolo BO01


Il contributo del circolo A.R.S. Polistena IQ8UW operated by IZ8FCR Tony and other OM



Circle A.R.S. FR01 IQ0WV con Pierfrancesco IZ0BNQ insieme ai colleghi del Circolo

iz8bnq FR01

I5DOF Franco, LU01 in pausa “Mate”…


Il contributo di IQ8KK Circolo CS01 operata da IK8LTB e IZ8BGY


In short, un bel divertimento e gloria per tutti… soprattutto chi ha mandato le foto. emoticon












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