IW7EGQ Mik è il nostro Contest Manager

IW7EGQÈ il nostro Referente del Circolo Pugliese BT01 recently formed. It's a OM that meets often in HF e nei Contest in modo particolare. It is one of our and also MDXC, il Club che tutti conosciamo.

IS IW7EGQ What, nuovo Contest Manager of Amateur Radio Society.

Michael is an expert in the world of Contesting, è sempre presente nei maggiori appuntamenti e può darci molti suggerimenti su come orientarci e/o intraprendere quello che è un ambito molto frequentato, nonostante in questi ultimi anni si sia registrata una flessione nell’ interesse verso queste attività.

A.R.S. Italy He wanted to locate its organizational characteristics as well as a landmark association.

We needed it because there was and there is the need to treat an evolving industry, made of tenacity and technique, knowledge about propagation, on the frequencies to be used, the pointing of antennas and a number of other special features that only those who are immersed in this world knows and well.

A Mik responsibility to share with us all his knowledge. Avrete modo di leggerlo spesso sul nostro Notiziario e sul sito www.arsitalia.it, Also in this renewed graphical layout.
A.R.S. Italia chiude il 2015 with great achievements and many goals in front of you.

Congratulations to Michael IW7EGQ, because it fulfills this role thinking of many radio amateurs or not members of our Society who want to learn about the wonderful world of the Contest.


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