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Receive from President Joseph Cisar Measure IW5CGM and publish:

Was held on 4 March 2015 the public hearing at the request MISE associations of radio amateurs ,jointly in September, had submitted their contributions to the reworking of PNRF, National Plan for Allocation of Frequencies, normative reference the bands allocated to the various services in Italy, thus including those amateur. Recall that , perhaps for the first time, the major associations have followed a common line in calling for the allocation of frequency bands like the European colleagues , presenting compact general lines.
Il CISAR, jointly A.R.S. Amateur Radio Society, IT WAS. European Radio Amateurs Association, A.O.T. Wave Telematics Association, A.Ra.C. Amateur Radio Association and Computeristi, Association Polopositivo,had presented a joint paper << downloadable here >>, also prepared with the A.R.I. Italian Amateur Radio Association, and Amsat Italy.
Of this we had the news through the web portal, looking forward to the date by planning for the meeting requested, from informal sources that should have been held in mid-January.
After that time no news with PNRF. for signature, the feeling that once again hams strapped into the background was making headway, for this reason our association has decided to “remember” such appointment direct the management of planning by presenting a letter to that effect <<< downloadable here>>.
There is to say that the day after I was personally contacted, on the recommendation of the Director, to organize such a meeting, a clear sign that probably, not to think about anything else, only the current phase of reorganization of tasks and logistics had determined this…forgetfulness. Consistent as always with the commitments made, Cisar as I immediately contacted ALEX IV3KKW to ensure that the ARI and AMSAT Italy were also informed and present, to reiterate once again the purposes of intent all along. Receipt availability by the same we set the date.

At 12.00 the Director of Planning Dr Eva Spina, received us with kindness and punctuality, noting both the perhaps unexpected compactness between associations , that the reasons for which we presented technical -logistiche request for specific tasks, and relying on the fact that the same defense had opened a door leaving 1 MHz more on 50 MHz Amateur, We all agreed that now the MISE could do their part in other bands, they would at least closer to Europe. The present, Vice-President Graziano Sartori I0SSH for ARI, President Emanuele D'Andria I0ELE for AMSAT ITALY and myself President Joseph Measure IW5CGM for Cisar with the delegation of the associations mentioned above, confirming the common line expressed in the submissions, also proposed to create a table of association official, sharing the experience of past years where the somehow we had already laid the groundwork, see breakdowns UHF still follow, even if the documents signed then disappeared into thin air.

The Director, on the basis of this unity and competence, was willing to take up this subject just passed the current phase which sees the logistics involved in planning national imminent departure, and it is the common opinion of the representatives present that the same had received indications other internally knowing how radio amateurs are only able to quarrel among themselves and that they would never have agreed.

But times change and people too, the common request to have the same rights as European colleagues can not have differences flag, the fact that in Italy there have been discussions between associations, stemming largely from antiquated how ridiculous foreclosure of this or that association, and / or activities, is also derived from the unwillingness of bands in spite of great activity that is done, and on this litigation division and the MISE has always found the ruling not to listen, if not forced politically. Personally I want to thank the Director Dr. Eva Plug for the attention it has shown us, Vice-President Graziano I0SSH and then the ARI for consistency in continuing this journey started together, and President Emanule I0ELE for AMSAT ITALY for his valuable contribution that has enriched the themes dealt with the overall view of the European.

No false illusions that I have been reinforced bases to get more hits with time for amateur radio Italian, we will try all the, but to do so it needs to be kept that atmosphere of cooperation and respect that today has seen us in the Director. It would be truly paradoxical as senseless ruin everything for a few demagogic as futile motivation, it would lose credibility and seriousness, and although this now seems that no one wants, history teaches us that anything can happen, why each association will do its part to ensure that this does not happen.

73’s Giuseppe IW5CGM


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