Marconi stations“Protagonist, among others, our partner IZ8WLZ Nino“.

We are pleased to inform you that after you have a period of “test” turns out to be “online” the website C.S.M.I. – Coordination Stations Marconiane Italian – that
have provided support for this.

The Webmaster of the site is Stefano IK0XCC we thank them for their cooperation and excellent work. A site dedicated not only to the Amateur Radio stations and commemorative Marconi Italian, adhering to CSMI, but also addressed in general to all those who have a passion for radio and history Marconi, since they are included in this respect various info and news

A website, then, having a character and technical profile, amateur radio, educational and cultural, especially do not forget the famous “Historic Places c.d. Memory” from which Marconi performed tests, radio and experiments that have marked the path of his life.

The website, as will be updated, expanded with any info, news, material, historic photos related G.Marconi, or, demonstrations and events to be organized, that can be sent and submitted to our attention, by Radio Amateurs / SWL, fans and all those who are interested in culture Marconi.

Any suggestions will be well received and we apologize for any possible sind'ora “oversights and / or inaccuracies”, that may be present in the hypothesis, owed by so much and varied material that has been assembled, cataloged and entered;

Below, in short, some of the areas / spaces contained in the Web:

– 1) news about the CSMI and the activity carried out by the Coordination Stations Marconiane Italian (who joined the same)

– 2) Marconi monthly calendar to remind the main experiments by Marconi, with out the news and conducting any demonstrations and events Marconi;

– 3) news concerning Guglielmo Marconi, main experiments conducted, his life, with several interesting website;

– 4) summary list of the stations that have joined the commemorative Marconi CSMI, with their QSL “postcard” and a brief history of the respective site Marconi and experiments
radio in it held;

– 5) photo gallery of commemorative Marconi stations belonging to CSMI and some events / events conducted;

– 6) International news and info Marconi Day;

– 7) press review;

– 8) some links to interesting websites and Marconi to view
some historical video;

– 9) bibliography Marconi;

– 10) interactive map on google with the location of the stations belonging to Marconi CSMI, with brief history etc..
In this regard, thank Fabio IZ0QPO for their cooperation and excellent work;

– 11) forum;

– 12) cluster, situation of the propagation and link with

Thanks also to Nino IZ8WLZ who kindly drafted and prepared the logo of CSMI, well in evidence in our website.

Please note that this year, the 28th edition of the International Marconi Day will take place Saturday 25 April, coinciding with the day of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi.

At Last, we do this, that from the home page of the site you can also download, if interested, the calendar file C.S.M.I. 2015.

For any further info, news, communication, you can write to the following email address:

We are available.

We thank you for your attention.

73 Roberto IS0JMA


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