The idea flashed in my mind for a long time… I then decided to try my hand at this new challenge: carry out an app for Android dedicated to Amateur Radio Society italy. What you will see is the first result.. diaciamo running a release 1.0 that will certainly be improved and adapted to the demands that gradually I come. Evaluate it for what it is: the start of a project, with all the faults and defects that can be found in the first version. I believe that among the various buttons, what I think is most interesting is that in the upper right, ie, news that makes you go directly to the articles published on the official website in a very compact and convenient to read. We could not miss the key Website, although I think it is not certain that they should be get it from the app website. There are also the inevitable links with social networks Facebook and Twitter.. I think even now you can imagine the coming developments with links official organ The Radio and many other things.

How to install ? Directly from your mobile click on the image of the article and then, clicking on Android Native you will start the download of the installation file.apk.

For those who have problems with your smartphone, in any case use the app by clicking to HTML5.

Let me know what you think on the forum, on facebook or wherever you want!



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