LOsanga arsIf we claim to be a great association, we do not want incensarci, we are not used because, mindful of past experiences, we decided to have only one task: be available to shareholders, real backbone of the Association, gestire con onestà, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency. We opened the association to the collaboration of the willing that we are giving a helping hand. We have done so far, much remains to be done.

Take for example an editorial Louis I4AWX, memorable, you will read in the next issue of “The Radio”: A.R.S. Italy is an association 2.0 because it exceeded the walls, high, thick, the physicality of making associations that were used. We are part, all together, an association which bases its dynamic network usage, its potential. Sure you take risks but there is nothing you can do if you do not trust as much as possible and believe that OM is an old man in the strict sense of the word. The toys do not last long, and are an end in themselves, sooner or later come to light through coarse fool.

We love to get involved, love is a risk, adventure and often the facts give us reason. Today, at a distance of one year, we can say that the main way that A.R.S. Italy has to travel is plotted: We have given an example of professionalism and also to be able to do.

It is not a presumption is the reality.

We got involved by organizing a contest that is the 2nd edition, for which different Companies our industry have recognized us as a reliable associative reality, we have entered into R.N.R.E. and then we had the recognition of the DPC, le maggori tested industry (QST, RadioKit, Bulletin ARMI ecc.) We pay homage to space on their heads and with great emphasis. The number of members continues to grow steadily, sign that the approach we have chosen is recognized and appreciated. We edit a Newsletter which is distributed free to all members where often host OM articles that are not part of the Association but are radio amateurs: this is enough for us….

We are present in many industry events mainly to the efforts of our clubs in the area and to individual partners. We have established partnerships with major groups and associations engaged constantly Amateur Radio activity Radio.

We use the virtual meeting because we believe that the interaction with technology is, now, the only possibility to meet and exchange information in real time. In short, we are not elephants but dancers who move with great efficazia and also legiadria… I will spend the unlikely comparison but it is a license “poetics”

Well, scusateci, but we believe it is not just. The work is a lot and is done with great enthusiasm by all.

It’ of these days another recognition that we appreciate very, which had its epilogue thanks to the constant efforts of our HF manager, IK8VKW. You all know that in a few days will take place on 2nd ARS Contest. (http://arsitalia.it/contest-ars/regolamento/). It’ an appointment on which we place great emphasis accuse despite a certain decline of these activities. These days, I said, maggori some of the magazines have in store meant a space between their pages, appreciating a work done with commitment and collaboration with different partners. It’ a work in progress that has been developed for months, but he has given us and will give us great satisfaction.

Here's an advance of what is published on the monthly category:

QSTAmiRKE 11-2014


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