We all know the things Northern Cross?

The Northern Cross coincides with the “body” Swan; its components are Deneb, linked to Albireo to form the vertical axis, while the horizontal is formed by Gienah and Rukh, the stars ε and δ swans. The two axes meet the star Sadr, la γ cygni.


The Northern Cross

This asterism is one of the most characteristic figures of the northern hemisphere, as it is located at mid-latitudes, and can thus be observed very high during the summer months borealis from all over the northern hemisphere of the Earth; instead appears low on the horizon in the southern hemisphere northern, until it disappears entirely south of the 60th parallel south. Along the major axis of the cross racing Via Lattea, in a very dense point where abound rich open clusters and star fields visible even with simple binoculars. The Fissure of Cignthe, a set of dark nebulosity, runs parallel to the major axis. (cit. Wikipedia)

In our case it is a radio telescope that has represented the birth, in our country, of Radioastronomina.

In a few days we will celebrate the anniversary of the 50 years in business.

Here is the preview of the poster and attached the complete program.

croce nord 50 ageInvitation 50th Conference Northern Cross

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