coin 1.phpIn 2009 was born the first digital currency, i Bitcoin.
They have seen their valuation for a single BTC of 0,30$ pass the current 653$ around in a virtual world where today there are dozens and dozens of alternative currencies to it, each with its own market value and it works like the real finance, there are those today and Losers.

Some digital currencies are now regularly used to exchange $ / € and the purchase or sale of goods and services in both the digital life in the virtual life.

In the wake of this acceleration has decided to introduce a currency fully dedicated to amateur radio to try to accept it as currency exchange, donation and help in the field and vice versa to introduce the amateur radio community to the world through these new channels. To do this we must above all create the base a great community that is interested in it as was the case for the other.

The amateur radio community is present almost everywhere in the world and plays a great service, this can be a great occasion to get to know even more. The associations, once established exchange price, may also accept payment for entries in HamRadioCoin (at the time of writing 1 HAM worth about € 0.07), companies could accept them for their sales or exchanges. There are a thousand ways to grow this currency on the amateur eye of the world as was done for other. Initiatives to Amateur Radio certainly no shortage.

Surely born interests behind this currency dedicated to us and we hope to grow by. The crypto currencies once created are not controlled by anyone or rather do not have an owner, are launched and quotation marks are left to their fate inside and outside the network.
They are decentralized, payments relatively anonymous, when you install or open your wallet for the new currency nobody asks you any minimum personal data, you install, opens and has its own address with which to send and receive currency. The transactions are very fast but just being decentralized and non-insured are at the same time irreversible so you have to always check carefully before you send a payment that it has the amount and the exact address.

In the case of HamRadioCoin with initials HAM, can be sent and received in three different units of measurement, or the HAM (Whole), i mHAM (national) o µHAM (micro).

Your personal portfolio then a further function, or to give the command to your PC to mint new currency HAM using the CPU in your computer if it is powerful enough to do so, or use specific websites where you can buy computing power in the cloud.

The next projects are dedicated to the realization of this currency portfolios for MAC, Linux e Android; With external developers are trying to achieve a portfolio that uses the Packet for transactions in the event of disasters and the absence of internet HAM to donate to places that may need. Another novelty will be the demand for HAM radio using the SSTV, who transmits his image will insert the address of its portfolio HAM and we'll give him 2 HAM (to know the dates in which there will be tests in SSTV follow the link given below).

I leave you some useful links and for any information please contact us from the page:

Official website:

Block Explorer:

Portfolio (Windows):

Faucet (Human free):

Source Code:

Pool for generarli:

Exchange per comprarli/venderli:





IRC su Freenode #hamradiocoin:

Evento SSTV 20m:

Some quick info on the currency HAM:

• Algoritmo SHA256D
• 50 coins per block
• 21 millions of coins Total coniabili
If you are an association of Amateur Radio, or are planning a DX-pedition interesting
please do not hesitate to contact us.
The premining currency was maintained for distribution to the amateur radio community


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