taa1Da una collaborazione di due Circoli A.R.S. Amateur Radio Society – Val di Fiemme and Fassa (TN02) and Perugia (PG01), present day, 24/08/2014, new activation D.I.A. new one: TAA-002 Area Archeologica Cold Water – Pass Rebus – Trent

IN3XFQ Mik e I0SNY Nik, will be the protagonists of this new activation, new one assoluto. The name will be used IN3XFQ/P

Transactions 20 and 40 meters

A bit of history:

taa2Al Passo del Redebus is this important site of metalworking

The site of Cold Water to Pass Redebus (1440 m. slm) place between the’plateau di Pine e la Mocheni Valley, is one of the sites of prehistoric metalworking most important in the Alps as well as being one of the archaeological sites musealizzate highest in Europe. The site was brought to light a battery of nine blast furnaces of the Late Bronze Age (XIII-XI sec.a.C.) plus some tools for processing of copper as the grinders which were used to reduce the ore in sand or "flour" and the terminal parts of the bellows used to maintain the temperature around 1200taa3

Source: http://www.visittrentino.it


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