ARS e IIHL 'Indian Istitute of Ham is an association founded in 1992 With that Sri. Sathyapal, VU2FI e Sri R.J. Marcus, VU2VTM. Among the objectives of IIH is that, important, to promote 'Ham Radio. The Association is also involved in interventions in the field of civil protection. It is an institution fully recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Communications Indian. It is affiliated to the NIAR, cioè al National Istitute of Amateur Radio. The meetings between Radio Amateurs and SWL have a monthly basis in order to discuss the future of their business.
Against the other, The Indian Institute of Ham provides radio communications during catastrophic events such as earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami as well as during sporting events.

What has been said because the Indian Institute of Ham and Amateur Radio Society - Italy, and thanks to the mediation of our Vice President I0SNY Nik, have decided to create a partnership in order to promote activities related to the common field of interest: the Radio.
A.R.S. Italy ensure periodically on their own channels of communication, news on the activities of IIH and vice versa.

A.R.S. will be pleased to host on its News "The Radio”, directed by Nicholas I0SNY, news and events of common interest with IIH.

So an exchange of technical-cultural all-round.

Since this is an asset cn foreign, obviously, the manageriato of this additional activities of our Association has been entrusted to IZ0LNP Peppe the Circle of Latina LT01 – as responsible for A.R.S. in the World, that will handle all the details for the better development of the initiative..
It is an honor for A.R.S. Italy collaborate with this important Institution Indiana over the years 1995 and 1996 received official recognition by the former head of the Indian government Rajiv Gandhi.
Anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of IIH can do so at the following link:

The IIH is also present on social networks Facebook. Members and supporters are invited to join the group of the Indian Institute of Ham:

73s the IK8LTB


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