1Also this year, the mountains of the Alto Friuli area will host the traditional and customary footrace relay "Three Refuges"Organized by 'Sporting Union Hill - Ovens Avoltri.
The race is an international event involving athletes from several European countries and will be held in the territory of Forni Avoltri (In) day 17 August 2014.
There are now 52 editions of the relay but this year for the world of radio was introduced a new.
The race, with the official request of the president of the sport Hill, Antonio Tamussin, will also participate in the Circle Alto Friuli IQ3UV, presence of athletes but not as supporting the organization of the competition through service Radio Support along the route that the runners in the relay will cover.
The route starts from "the Hill", a hamlet situated on the heights of the town of Forni Avoltri (In), in high Carnia, and expected to be reached by the teams of relay runners at first the Refuge Tolazzi, subsequently the shelter Lambertenghi-Romanins, located near the Step Volaia,


Tolazzi Lodge – Rifugio Lambertenghi-Romanin – Rifugio Marinelli


Ferrata Jacks

and finally through the Ferrata Jacks reach the refuge Marinelli then back along the mountain paths in the village of Hill of Forni Avoltri, where teams have started with the first baton.
The participation of the Circle event involves the preparation of 5 a stable radio stations located at the "Race Direction" at the start / finish line, that will serve as a "capomaglia" and other scattered along the route and in the areas of exchange of relay runners, among others is provided for the preparation of a radio station in the area of ​​the railway which turns out to be one of the most inaccessible and treacherous mountain path.
The members of the Club Alto Friuli and some other friends for the event sympathizers provide their collaboration in a completely voluntary to the Organizing Committee, Jury of the competition and the reps on the path, both to ensure the success of the event to help ensure that an obvious and appropriate security along the mountain paths that, although not always impervious, can hide snares for the runners engaged in the race.
They will then present at the event "IV3FIV"John Miu who is responsible for organizing the participation of the circle to the event and during the race will occupy one of the most important stations on the route to the location of the competition; will be present with him "IW3SHM" John the Evangelist, “IV3COC"Gianluca Straulino, “IV3CRL"David Nodal, “IV3DTE” Giuseppe Iob, “IW3SII"Lauro Mattia, all subscribers to the Club Alto Friuli and participate with their other friends sympathizers that we would have the pleasure and honor to count in our lines very soon as well as being equipped with extreme seriousness and fairness and personal ethics, have technical skills not common in the field of amateur radio.
The event will allow us then to bear the name of the Association on the summits of the mountains of Friuli in particular the "Carnia" where it will spread into the ether once again even in the presence of Friuli 'A.R.S.- Amateur Radio Society”.
Good work guys.. and good race for athletes ...
Good radio at all.. 73’s Marco IV3SJW (ref. Circle Alto Friuli)


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