sant.eustorgioTomorrow morning 27/luglio / 2014, IZ0EIK / P Sanna Erica Referring A.R.S. Amateur Radio Society Club of Milan, to activate the D.I.A. – High School Italian Archeological reference the LOM-014 – Early Christian Basilica of St Eustorgius (Milan) with I0SNY / P Nicholas.

PARCO ARCHEOLOGICO DELL'ANFITEATRO ROMANO  MILANOOn the same day, at the end of the operations by reference LOM-014, will be activated ref. D.I.A LOM-015 – Del'Anfiteatro Roman Archaeological Park (former Parco dei Cervi) with the indicative I0SNY / P and the help of IZ0EIK Erica.

Both references are New One.

Working conditions: 100 Watt and inverted V dipole.


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