I4AWX Luigi


Farewell to a Friend and a few thoughts on amateur radio yesterday and today
It feels very, very just in front of a white sheet of paper still to vergare, remember a friend who is no longer with us.
Too many images, too many memories, too many things that crop up and you want to say, along with some regret, primary among them is that you have not been able to devote more time to ourselves, to those things which we know to be true – the only true – and then, in a flash, escape and we can no longer reach.
It was a normal "crocodile", one of those articles that journalists keep ready in the drawer for these sad moments, the task would be relatively easy: IT9ZGY Peter Marino, Piero for friends, left us, and with him disappeared the figure of a well-known radio amateur who has contributed to the history of Italian ham radio from the fifties onwards. Surely one of the first in the world DXers, always on top of all the charts of the DXCC along with the late brother Domenico IT9TAI, died a few years ago.
Piero was a true gentleman and a radio amateur who lived, not only in the depths of one's heart, but in the facts of life, what we know to be the Ten Commandments of Amateur Radio: balanced, available with all, kind, open, always attentive to the needs dellacomunità amateur as those of their family.
He – recognized by all as the "historical memory" of the ARI – suffered deeply cares which they walked endless His association.
Always attentive and respectful of the rules, of honesty from all defined adamantine, He did not include the behavior that led so many people care, disappointments and, unfortunately, often dishonor to the entire amateur
When, in 2005, I was elected President of the ARI, in the sign of a discontinuity that for years many parties invoked, I recognized immediately in the very heart of amateur radio Piero and Piero, your back, recognized this in me: like two flames can not burn separately, so the bond between us was immediate.
It was true friendship, in the name of the true principles of amateur radio, which are those of friendship, dell'onestà, of openness to other hams as against the needs of our communities.
Piero has taught us respect for the rules and the value of comparison without bias towards those who have different opinions, in the confidence that, through peaceful discussion and the exercise of reason, the basic values ​​can be enhanced and reached unity of purpose.
Now that he is no longer with us, is for us to retrace this daily teaching in facts and not in empty words, unfortunately, abound in these sad occasions.
Our Amateur Radio Society was born, for many of us, right on the ashes of the past disappointments that Piero has always tried to fight: made a ham radio interests and personal gains, of continued litigation, small stories and little adventures, repeated endlessly by young men as the only dowry they brought with them the failures in their private lives and many frustrations in the work to overturn little deserving of destruction of the values ​​of amateur radio.
Our Association, the exact opposite, came instead to capture the positive legacy of ideas, securities, work and enthusiasm of people like Piero: these are things that all of us must continue to live in us to find their moment more real and more concrete.
It would be the best gift that we could do to Piero and all Italian ham radio.
I4AWX, Luigi Belvederi