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Vinicio IK2CIO, A.R.I. HF Manager

Just a few days the important event of the IARU HF Championship Contest, Contest that puts the "On Air" the National HF around the world 12/13 July 2014
Also this year Italy will be represented by 12 stations that operate from all over the country on 6 amateur bands (10-15-20-40-80-160 m ) , 6 in SSB e 6 in CW.
A well-rehearsed team that is preparing hard for this event with the ambitious goal of improving the outcome of recent years. To achieve this goal our HQ stations need something fundamental, "the support of all the Italian OM! “
The call is then connected to the name during the IIØHQ 24 Contest hours thus providing valuable points to our national as well as always happens in other countries where the contribution of compatriots has always been crucial to the achievement of the final.

After the success of the previous editions, also for the 2014 the initiative will be promoted IUxHQ Go!!!!!! a contest that will award plaques of merit and exclusive T-shirts to the first stations that connect all, or most, of our stations in the race. Participating is easy: during the Contest you are looking for in frequency station with the callsign IIØHQ (India India Zero Hotel Quebec) and answer their CQ.
The stations will pass IIØHQ 59 (599) ARI and you will pass instead 59 (599) 28 (that ITU is the area to which it belongs Italy, as regulation). It 's easier to do than to explain.
Know that you do two things with simple QSO: the first will be to give valuable points more than the national HF Italian, the second to be heard "loud and clear" the Italian presence in this competition!

The complete rules of the contest IUxHQ Go!!!!!! is reached WHO
The poster that advertises the event can be downloaded from WHO
The Rules of the Contest is available WHO
The animated banner to be used on Facebook, siti web, forums, and more for maximum spread is WHO

So this year let's hear numerous and give our support to the Italian Railway HQ. Come on 10 to 160 m there will be more representative of our stations worldwide ready to give a salute to all our OM and compete for the best finish possible.

To simplify the task of connecting all 12 stations will be to ask before you connect to voice "please give me the QRG 10 and 15 in CW e 80 SSB?"Promptly and will give you the frequency making you search a lot easier and faster than all the stations IIØHQ

The countdown has begun….and Good luck !

Vinicio IK2CIO
A.R.I. HF Manager