party-1024x567Sunday 18 May

On Sunday, principale of the party, will take place at the Castello di Milazzo.

In this beautiful scenery drafting DxCoffee has organized a series of discussions on topics that interest has always been our publications: Dxpedition, Contesting, IOTA.

Program on Sunday morning 18 May 2014 hours 9:

Greetings and welcome to the defendants

  • VK9MT Mellish Reef, presented by Luigi Maggi IV3YER

  • 9J2T Zambia by Italian DXpedition Team, Vinicius has Ravizza IK2CIO

  • H44S and H44AJ Sikayana atoll OC-285, sents Nando Rubino IT9YRE

  • FT5ZM Amsterdam Island video presentation by Ralph Fedor K0IR

  • IB9T, II9K, II9P and IT9EJW "Four Team Contest in comparison"

  • Field Day Sicilia 2013, awards by Eugene Jacks IT9VKY

  • Best Communication Award 2013