5° Maratona 50 MHz
Memorial “Roberto Rossi” I5RRE

From 01/05/2014 to the 31/08/2014

The ARI Florence organizes the 5th marathon dedicated to the band of 6 m,
in which they can participate all radio amateurs.

Participants are encouraged to operate in compliance with the spirit of the competition
as well as the portions of frequency indicated inBand Plane IARU Reg. 1.

Date ed Orario:
Pm 00.00 UTC del 01/05/2014 pm 23.59 UTC del 31/08/2014.

SOHP – Singolo Operatore High Power ( > 100 Watt )
SOLP – Singolo Operatore Low Power ( <= 100 Watt )

Output mode and connections:
Are considered valid QSOs on CW, SSB and digital modes.
The same call that transmits from the same landlord can be connected at once
in all three methods provided( 1 QSO x SSB + 1 QSO x CW + 1 QSOs for DIG ).

Le portable station they can be connected several times in various ways
purché il QSO sia effettuato in giorni diversi ed ogni collegamento nel singolo
so happen, da parte della stazione portatile, always different from a landlord.

Are not considered valid the QSOs carried out repeaters the traslatori,
cross-band, via satellite ed MAKE.

Possible Dupes (same landlord, the same call and the same way of issue)
will be eliminated in the process of verification.

Points and Multipliers:
Will be counted 1 point for each valid QSO.
Multipliers are considered all the big squared
(JN00 / 4 digit ) connected for the first time for each mode.
(this is. JN00 x SSB + JN00 x CW + JN00
x DIG = 3 Multipliers)

The final score is the sum of QSO points multiplied
the sum of multipliers.

It’ You can use the online log or any other program log
you can export the data in ADIF / ADI

For more information:

Source: ARI Firenze


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