Ars will be present on the 3 and 4 May all’Electronics Expo Forlì.

Representing ARS Amateur Radio Society, Vice President I0SNY Nicola Sanna and our QSL manager I0PYP Marcello Pimpinelli.

On this occasion there will be a seminar held by Professor. Antonio Fucci, ARS counselor, the famous car Enigma.

ENIGMA dal greco “Ainigma” means riddle.

L'Â'ingegnere tedesco Arthur Scherbius named it so propia creation, a portable electro-mechanical cipher machine that was produced from 1918 From 'company Scherius and Ritter that he started a lÂ'ingegnere ² with Richard Ritter.

Initially used for commercial purposes was adopted by state institutions in many countries.

The First World War had demonstrated that traditional cryptographic methods manuals, had become impractical, while a machine free from human error, speed and security guaranteed infallibility to the processes of encryption and decryption of dispatches.

So riddle with appropriate modifications, was adopted by the German and Italian armed forces during the Second World War

Capable of generating an unimaginable number of combinations, the machine with which surpassed everything that criptografi had to do until then.


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