ARS1-reducedWe record often, when it comes to being in the company, meetings of flavor and very little rhetorical collaborative. The other will, on the occasion of presence in that of Salerno, for work, our Honorary Chairman I4AWX Luigi, it is made of a meeting with members of the local circle of Battipaglia.

The meeting also propitiated by the large availability of the contact circle John IZ8EEI, it was useful to discuss the growth of the association, on the facts present and future programs.

We believe that these opportunities, should always be favored and must meet the availability of those who want to live the life of associations with a view to collaboration and sharing.

Our Society is open, democratic and liberal: these “briefing” are always useful to strengthen relations and promote more dialogue that, in our association is, and should esserlo, imperative.

Congratulations to Circle of Battipaglia and his manager John IZ8EEI for friends… despite the tonnage…

Ars battipaglia


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