Honorary President of the Amateur Radio Society

In the prestigious setting of the House of Guglielmo Marconi, Villa Griffon Sasso Marconi (Bologna), the next 22 February, will host the first National Assembly of our Association and will be held the first elections to elect the new directors of ARS.

It is a very important moment for the social life because it marks the transition from an association initially straight, inevitably, by the same people who founded, to conduct an association instead of who will be elected, and this will mark the course for the next four years associative.

The fact of the association delivered to the elect was not a smooth transition: as everyone knows, in fact, in the month of December, there has been a serious rift between the founders, which led some of them to resign from.

The resignation coincided with even the darkening, for a couple of days, the original site of the association, at the time recorded on a personal basis by one of them ..

Experts have predicted scenarios of doom most blacks, but in reality this has not minimally affected the life of ARS. that keeps track of daily new registrations and whose next goal, now close, is one of the thousands of associated. Rather, as evidenced by the liveliness of the new site associative, the life of A.R.S. has become, if possible, even more full of initiatives and contributions.

A leg vedere, even if there had been the harakiri of all the Founders, the Association in a single year of life has become a well known and well established, in Italy and abroad, living independently thanks to the efforts of its members and that, through the newly elected, will be able to develop and go alone even farther .

I can think of, as some astonishing similarity, these words that I read a long time ago about the children, on which each, according to its sensitivity, may reflect:

“Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's ardor for itself.
They do not come to you, but through you,
and do not belong to you even though you live together.
You can keep their bodies, but not their souls,
live as future homes, that even in your dreams you could visit.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you,
because life goes on and does not dwell on yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows,
are popped away.”
(of “The Prophet” di Khalil Gibran)

Then, how our children are the sons of Life and not ourselves, so our association is not a child of the Founders, but the daughter of the passion of Radio that dwells in us.

For this, as a “arrow shot away”, that “future will live in homes that we visit even in your dreams”: thanks to the Founders, thanks to you all and sundry, but at this point A.R.S. walk alone, through their elected.

And what may they bring us towards ever more distant and ambitious.

i4AWX, Luigi Belvederi

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