ARS1-reducedNow we can say without hesitation or may have fear of contradiction. A.R.S. Italy, records every day a number of acceptances such as to seriously challenge the administrative apparatus that governs: the secretariat.

Although handled with great diligence and speed, capita di dover impegnarsi molto per dare risposte immediate a coloro che si iscrivono gratuitamente all’ Associazione e, rightly, claim to receive in the shortest possible time a certificate that certifies the quality of member. An unexpected but real success due to lifestyle choices that the leadership of the association has been able to identify: the diversification of services.

And 'what for many years was asked to an association that wants to represent a people, quello degli OM, that, per their nature, is oriented to different tasks and objectives.

E’ pleonastico pensare ad OM patentati o a semplici simpatizzanti delle onde elettromagnetiche o appassionati di Radiotecnica, che non hanno possibilità di istallare antenne e quant’altro serve e che magari si rivolgono all’ ascolto delle Broadcasting in Am o DRM e obbligarli a comprare un pacchetto conditio sine qua non.

This is the reasoning that underlies the philosophy ARS.

Those who enroll, free, can, if he wants to, subscribe to what he wants:

BureauQSL Service through a manageriato USKA which is working fine with a annual cost of 20 €


ars insuranceInsurance antennas through an agreement with Unipol, which provides, against the other, the extension of the policy, through the payment of additional premium, a tutto ciò che appartiene al socio A.R.S.:

Radio station, Home, Automobile etc.. etc..

It means that, with only 5€ annui we are covered as not achieve such. by the collapse of the setup antennas.

Insured losses are those due to third parties.

Olte this you can use, obviously paying another award, Discounts truly relevant.

I personally have had an annual saving, compared to my old car insurance policy taken out with one of the largest Italian insurance, almost close to 300 € per year: of 800 500 € ... sorry if it is not given the tempi.Ecco the contract

ars insurance
The magazine, che il buon Nik I0SNY riesce a mettere online ogni mese, thanks to the voluntary collaboration of many colleagues, other gem is absolutely free ...!

Per non parlare dell’assistenza legale attraverso gli avvocati che A.R.S. mette a disposizione.

In short, in A.R.S. si può scegliere, without frills and without any compulsion, in piena libertà.

But here's the contract, in the manner of example, reduced by the generality, which I have made for my


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