Alessandro Pochì IK8YFU

Alessandro Pochì IK8YFU

In presenting, in his capacity as webmaster of the site, we give you the news of some frantic hours between 13 and the 14 December…

“The site of the disappeared, volatilized, was no longer online. Yes, I speak just what the “dash” tra ars e italia.

After a few moments the decision: yes, we can do it… and, in record time, the new domain Item registrato: unbelievable but true,space Netsons, the chosen provider, was available after just three hours of the request and ready to be used.

A phone call to his friend Domenico IW8RAO and, right to work: WordPress installation, choice of templates and race against the clock not to leave, the shareholders without a point of reference. The immediate publication, on various social networks by Erica IZ0EIK, the new domain, has allowed everyone to “turn” the new url without problems.

New head, new pages, all new and all in record time.. honestly I had not ever done a tour de force of this type.”

Domenico IW8RAO

Domenico Macrì IW8RAO

Result? After 48 ore eravamo online.

The result you have seen it all, more than acceptable, and certainly be improved in particular, the important thing was to be online and we succeeded. Extremely well together, I and Dominic, we worked in tandem, strong past experience in the implementation of other sites and flanked by the Executive Committee of the Amateur Radio Society that, Real-time informing us what were the compelling needs. An incredible burst of requests that, in spite of everything we have satisfied.

Now, however, the management will be organized with the most appropriate times to a normal administration and also thanks to the collaboration of many partners ARS. who have declared their willingness.

The authorizations to different users are summarized in this post: User Roles.

I wish you all to be able to carry out your amateur radio peacefully, all together, as in a single family, without having to make a distinction between an association and the other.

Alessandro Pochì IK8YFU


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