wordpressUn benvenuto a tutti voi utenti di www.arsitalia.it

It’ due, part of mia , in the role of Webmaster, indicate what are the possibilities offered by our platform.

The WordPress platform, on which it was created our site, allows you to assign different roles to each registered user.
As soon as a user logs in (form in the upper right corner on the home page), it is automatically inserted, di default, nella Categoria Subscriber.
So, let's clarify what are the categories of users and what permissions assigned:


A subscriber can write comments on articles and pages published by other.

The employee can create and modify only his articles but can not publish them; when the item is created can be edited by an administrator, a publisher or author before revision. The published article can not be changed by the employee if it is not reported in the state of Revision.
The employee can not upload images and files.


The author can create, modificare e cancellare i suoi articoli e inserire immagini e file.

The publisher can insert, edit and delete pages, Articles, le categorie, i tag, moderate comments and may act on the pictures and all the media in general and also manage the links.


The administrator has full access and complete the administration of the blog; può modificare i ruoli degli altri autori/utenti, can disable and enable the plugin, may intervene in any way in the pages, the categories, Tag and on the articles of lbog.


it is evident that for the success of a site, is necessary to have the cooperation of the users. Siamo quindi convinti della necessità di avere dei Collaboratori, Authors ed Editori intesi come da descrizione in alto.

Put then in contact with webmaster@arsitalia.it per le vostre proposte che saranno vagliate in collaborazione con il Comitato Esecutivo di A.R.S. Amateur Radio Society.

The Webmaster of arsitalia.it


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